Arcadia (IV), Navigator of the Seas & Black Watch (III)
The 5th May 2007 was the day I discovered how awkward Navigator of the Seas could be after missing her the week before.  Why they just don't dock her (and the larger Freedom class) port when they come in is beyond me.  Saves so much time wasting turning round for departure.  Anyway, Arcadia and Navigator were both down to sail at 5pm with Black Watch four hours later.  For some reason Arcadia's had been brought forward fifteen minutes.  It was a lovely day.  Chilly at times but otherwise glorious warm sunshine and the marina was reasonably busy.  As we waited, we heard the eight bells from Navigator signalling lifeboat drill.  She is one loud lady!
Arcadia cast off around 4.50pm and blasted as she moved away from the dock.  Silence from then on as she made her way down Southampton water.  It was interesting getting comparison photos of a Voyager class vessel and Freedom of the Seas when Arcadia passed her last year to see the different in length between them.
Navigator slipped her moorings around 5.05pm and made her way at a snail's pace towards the turning circle.  It took about twenty five minutes to get there before even turning round.
After about ten minutes of turning, Navigator finally emerged and blasted as she passed Town Quay.  This is why it's so stupid not turning to dock port on arrival.  Visiting is one thing but not doing a season of cruises.  You waste so much time, especially if you're on first sitting for dinner.  By the time she reached us it was 5.55pm when she could have slipped out like Arcadia and been nearing Cowes by then.
Black Watch left at 9.11pm but we didn't go back down we we'll be getting these three plus Aurora in a couple of weeks later and hoped for better cooperation of shipping movements!!

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© Patricia Dempsey 5th May 2007
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