Queen Elizabeth 2, Thomson Celebration & The Calypso
The 8th May 2006 was the day the QE2 returned from her refit in Bremerhaven.  Despite leaving late the day before her arrival time back home kept getting earlier and earlier until her final docking time was 3pm while Thomson Celebration had been there for 12 hours.
With the QE2 safely docked it was time for Thomson Celebration to sail for 5pm only she left late.  Louis Cruise Lines' The Calypso had been towed in two days before after an engine fire.
Both ships were silent as Thomson passed which was quite disappointing after the way Thomson greeted QM2 the previous May.
The Calypso and QE2 weren't sailing.  The Calypso would remain longer than intended while the QE2 sailed the next day.

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© Patricia Dempsey 8th May 2006
Not to be reproduced without permission