Oceana (II), Sea Princess (II) & The Calypso
Finally on the 3rd June 2006 I got what I'd been waiting for - Oceana passing her former fleetmate and sister and on the day summer finally came to the south coast!  I'd not gone down the Saturday before because I was sure Sea Princess would leave first as usual.  Wrong!  So I was naturally peeved.  Sea Princess had actually arrived back a day early on the 2nd due to over 200 passengers contracting the Norovirus so skipped Lisbon.  I happened to be up when she came back so took some photos.    
On the Saturday she was joined by her sister in the docks, who berthed in the usual 106.  The Calypso was still in residence, having been there four weeks.
As 5pm neared, we were still sure Sea Princess would spoil everything and go first.  Even when Oceana cast off on the hour, we were still keeping a close eye on the mooring ropes as it has been known she would start moving when Oceana was as close as Mayflower Park.  Oceana passed The Calypso.

We got lucky.  Oceana passed her older sister!  We were delighted as it meant we didn't have to keep trying.  Oceana gave one long, two short and one long blast.  Sea Princess gave three long and two short in return.  Oceana gave another two short as she passed.  

Sea Princess cast off around 5.25pm giving four long, one short and one long blast and moved off as soon as all the river traffic was out the way.
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© Patricia Dempsey 2nd & 3rd June 2006
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