Queen Elizabeth 2 & Ocean Majesty
We went down the marina on the 13th September 2006 to see Page & Moy's 10,417grt Ocean Majesty passing the QE2.  Ocean Majesty was another originally built as a ferry and entered service in 1966, going through many name changes.  She was in 101 and due to sail at 4pm while QE2 was in her usual 38/9 and listed for 5pm.  The weather was surprisingly hot and sunny after a miserable morning.     
Well 4pm came and went and Ocean Majesty was still being fuelled up.  5pm came and went and so did the sun and warmth.  The QE2 finally slipped her moorings but had to stop when some boats arrived for the Boat Show.  It was noticable she had a slight list.
As the QE2 was heading away for New York for her New England and Canada cruise, the fuel barge finally left Ocean Majesty about 5.30pm.  
Ocean Majesty finally moved away from the dock at 5.50pm and then it started to rain, getting more misty.

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© Patricia Dempsey 13th September 2006
Not to be reproduced without permission