Norwegian Pearl UK Departure & Artemis
The morning of the 2nd December 2006 was so much better than the day before.  It was mild with a little chill.  Rain had been forecast but it didn't.  We went on the Hythe ferry to get photos of Norwegian Pearl seeing as she arrived before light the previous day.  Artemis had arrived a few hours earlier and was docked in 106 as usual.
On the return journey I sensed things wouldn't be as easy to take pictures as it had been going across to Southampton and I was right.  We ended up following a container ship and the Red Funnel ferry, Red Osprey.  Several people on the ferry were disappointed when we went the other side of the ferry so Red Osprey blocked the view of Norwegian Pearl.
After such a glorious morning it was time to return to Hythe for the departure of Norwegian Pearl at 4pm to Miami with Artemis at 5pm on the 2nd December 2006.  The weather was somewhat colder with the wind starting to whip up again and the crowd was sparse.  People would turn up, take photos of the 'boat' and leave.  A small crowd had gathered by the time she cast off after 4pm but only about 30-35. Please excuse the darkness of some of the photos.  Using the the flash and zoom made them darker than it actually was and often not using it made them come out blurred.  
After she finished turning and began to head back the way she came, she gave three loud blasts on her horn which we were very pleased about.  As she neared us, she gave another three before making her way out of Southampton Water.
We were too cold to stay for Artemis to sail.  Also her funnel wasn't lit, as it hadn't been when she arrived, which didn't help.  For photos of Norwegian Pearl arriving, click here.  

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© Patricia Dempsey 1st December 2006
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