Freedom of the Seas Departure
We went over to Town Quay on the 3rd May 2006 for her Southampton farewell.  The weather was gloomy with low, thick, grey clouds and it was quite windy.  Although she was due to leave at 11am, the ropes didn't start coming off until around twenty past.  At 11.25am as she was slowly pulling out, she gave one blast on her horn.  Two minutes later as she headed for the turning circle, she gave three more.
She positioned herself then slowly began to turn, the opposite way to Monday night.
After more than half an hour she starting to emerge.  As she approached 101 berth, she gave three blasts then another three as she passed before looming over us.  The little Hythe ferry zipped out of Town Quay and went behind to follow her down the water.

As Freedom neared the Queen Elizabeth II Terminal, she gave three more blasts on her horn before gradually disappearing from view.

We did manage to see her passing Fawley as she made her way towards the Solent.
So that was the end of the four days visit and it's unlikley we'll ever see her again.  For photos of Freedom arriving on the 29th April 2006, click here.  And for photos of her in dock and sailing at night on the 1st May click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 3rd May 2006
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