Queen Mary 2, Black Watch (III) & Crystal Serenity
Crystal Cruises' 2003 built, 68,000grt Crystal Serenity arrived in Southampton at the end of her world cruise on the 5th May 2006.  Fred. Olsen's Black Watch arrived later followed by QM2 for 9am.  QM2 sailed to Hamburg for some repair work to her damaged pod after 1pm.
So with one down, that left two.  It was nice weather for a change at the marina.  Black Watch was listed to sail at 5pm with Crystal Serenity an hour later.
Black Watch was quick off the mark when the time came and started to turn the opposite way to normal which took us by surprise.
Crystal Serenity was the same.  She was moving away from the dock no sooner had 6pm come around.  And, like Black Watch, was silent as she departed.

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© Patricia Dempsey 5th May 2006
Not to be reproduced without permission