The Calypso & Queen Elizabeth 2
This was really irritating.  Originally The Calypso was listed to leave for her repair sea trials at 4pm on the 27th July.  As I was in Plymouth I was fretting she'd leave before I got home the next day because I really didn't want to miss her.  My dad went down the marina but nothing.  He went home at 6.30pm after I phoned and told him it had been changed to 10pm.  On the morning of the 28th I checked the movements and she was down to arrive at 11am with the sailing for just pm.  So my dad went back to the marina to get her coming and and passing the QE2, which had arrived several hours earlier.
My dad had found out The Calypso was down to finally leave Southampton at 6pm and boarding passengers for the planned two night cruise from Tilbury to Amsterdam.  I was going to make it!  I got back five minutes early and took a taxi straight from the station.  Cost a fortune but I couldn't miss this.  She had her flags out while the QE2 did a lifeboat drill.  As we were waiting for the QE2 to sail, Rowan phoned to say The Calypso was now going at 5.30pm.
The QE2 kept up her habit of a lifetime and left late at 5.21pm, giving three long blasts and one short one as she sailed on another cruise.
5.30pm came and went and we were beginning to think The Calypso still wasn't leaving.  I wouldn't have been disappointed.  She's a very pretty ship for a former ferry and I'd got used to her being there. No such luck.  Just gone 5.45pm she cast off but didn't blow her horn.
Well after she passed the pier she blew her horn.  Very disappointing.  So goodbye, The Calypso.  I hope after all these repairs she makes it past the new SOLAS regulations in 2010.  In 2007 she was chartered by Thomson for two years.

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