Boudicca Southampton Debut
Fred Olsen's latest aquisiton debuted for them in February 2006 and began life as one of the Royal Viking sisters in 1973 as the 28,388grt Royal Viking Sky.  Like her sisters, she underwent many changes of ownership.  In 1991 she was renamed Sunward for a year before going to the Birka Line and being called Birka Queen (II).  P&O Princess chartered her in 1993, renaming her Golden Princess (I) until she was bought by Star Cruises in 1996 with another new name of SuperStar Capricorn.  Her penultimate change of hands was in 2004 when she became Grand Latino for Iberojet until it was announced in 2005 she would be joining her sister Black Watch (formerly Royal Viking Star) under the Fred Olsen banner.    

The 12th October was
Boudicca's Southampton debut after
her first season of summer cruising from Dover.  Originally down for the usual 101 berth and for 6pm, it was changed to 38/9 with the time remaining the same.  Imagine the shock we got when she started emerging around Calshot before 4.30pm, docking at 5pm.
She was due to sail at 9pm but that kept being changed later and later.  Eventually she left around 10.50pm, completely passing us by 11.10pm.  For photos of her sisters click here for Black Watch and here for Albatros.

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© Patricia Dempsey 12th October 2006
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