Aurora, Oriana (II) & The Calypso
This was a day worth waiting for.  On the 10th May 2006, unlike the previous September, Aurora would pass her older sister in Southampton as she left at 5pm while Oriana was chartered so would sail three hours later.

And so Aurora cast off on time, passing Louis Cruise Lines' The Calypso which was still berthed after the fire four days earlier.  As she approached, Oriana blew her whistle two long, two short, one long with Aurora replying the same.  Then Oriana seemed to go a little mad.  Three long, four short, one short and, after a pause, Aurora gave one long back.  We thought that was it until Oriana gave two short, two long, three shorts, one long, for short, one long.  When there was silence another muffled three came followed by Aurora giving a final one long and three short before going on her way.

By the time Oriana sailed I wasn't going back down.  It was beginning to get dark and the photo below is the best of the bunch.
That December we had an unexpected bonus when Oriana's original Christmas cruise duration was reduced by two days due to an extensive refit which resulted in her sailing the same day as Aurora.  Click here for photos.

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© Patricia Dempsey 10th May 2006
Not to be reproduced without permission
23rd January 2007