Artemis, Queen Mary 2 & The Calypso
With the Artemis due to sail at 5pm on the 15th June 2006 and QM2 at 6pm, though changed to 5.30, we went to get Artemis passing.  The Calypso was still in 102 being repaired.
How disappointed were we when there was no movement up the end while QM2 cast her ropes and headed towards the turning circle.
Artemis finally left at 6.30pm by which time QM2 had almost disappeared.  Once she'd passed The Calypso we decided to head back but managed to get her around the pier.
We had another opportunity on the 18th July when they were listed for the same times.  Would things go to plan then?  Click here to find out.

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© Patricia Dempsey 15th June 2006
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