Queen Mary 2, Star Princess (II) & Ocean Village
Early start on the 10th May 2005.  Originally Star Princess was due to call in for 11am but that was changed to 8am.  As she would be passing QM2 only on arrival, we had to get there at the crack of dawn.  By the time we got to the marina just after 6am, QM2 wasn't that far away from Hythe Pier.
At 6.45am we saw a huge hazy blur down off Fawley which turned out to the the 2002-built, 109,000grt Star Princess.  This is the second ship to bear the name.  The previous one being the current Ocean Village, which was also there that day in dry dock.
The QM2 was still turning.  She did manage to get out the way but was still docking at 7.03am as Star Princess passed.  They greeted each other which we hadn't expected at that hour of the day.  Even my mum heard it at home.
Star Princess made her way towards 106 berth, passing Ocean Village on the way to the turning circle and QM2 finished her docking procedure.
Ocean Village was supposed to leave dry dock at 8am but thirty minutes later she hadn't moved.  It was pretty cold despite the sun so we gave up.  It was quite disappointing she didn't pass her newer namesake and more so when we learnt later she left that afternoon for sea trials.

Star Princess was down to make another transit call on the same date in 2006 but the fire in April meant subsequent cruises were cancelled until the 15th May and she is not due to visit again.

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© Patricia Dempsey 10th May 2005 & 20th May 2006
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