Sea Princess (II) Maiden Voyage & Queen Elizabeth 2
Or should that be third maiden voyage as she'd already had one under that name as well as Adonia?  It was nice weather on the 28th May 2005 despite the wind, which did drop eventually.  QE2 was opposite us as usual while Sea Princess was still in 106 where she'd been since the naming ceremony.  Her previous Godmothers were the wife of a P&O boss (Sea Princess) and HRH The Princess Royal (Adonia).  The latest is the British actress Joanna Lumley.
Despite both ships down to sail at 5pm, Sea Princess left first but there were no fireworks or firetugs.  Perhaps as she wasn't new they thought they wouldn't bother.  She left late and as she passed QE2 they did greet each other.  It's amazing how many people who act like they know everything to those who know nothing but in fact know hardly anything.  One man was telling somebody Princess must have bought Adonia and changed the name!  He also told them QE2 would be pulled out stern first when it's always bow.  These people are so entertaining.
The QE2 left an hour late, no surprise there, by which time I had run out of film.  For photos of Sea Princess as Adonia having her previous maiden voyage, click here.

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