Black Watch (III) & Queen Mary 2
It was cold out there down the marina when we went on the 20th November 2005 for Black Watch and QM2, despite being quite mild when we left the house.  QM2 looked lovely partially lit with the sunset with Black Watch berthed in 101.  As it got darker, they looked wonderful with all the lights on.
Black Watch left just after 5pm and had to turn around, which she did on the spot.  As she neared QM2 she blasted on her horn but got nothing in return.  That was quite disappointing until Black Watch had passed and then QM2 replied!  Unfortunately the night shots didn't come out too well with that camera so these are the best of a bad bunch.
The QM2 was supposed to leave at 6pm - hur, hur!  She actually started moving 35 minutes later which was the last we would see of her until April 2006.

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© Patricia Dempsey 20th November 2005 & 7th May 2006
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