Queen Mary 2 & Arcadia (IV)
The weather forecast for the 14th October 2005 never mentioned rain.  Sunny intervals and cloudy it said for my tour of Arcadia that morning.  Going over to Town Quay gave me the perfect opportunity to take more photos of QM2 as I passed on the ferry, as well as get Arcadia in dock.  Apologies for the blob on the pictures.  I hadn't realised until I'd got them back there was a mark on the lens.
Later that afternoon when I returned to Hythe I met my dad and we went to the marina to await the sailings, considering originally Arcadia was meant to be Queen Victoria so it was 1 1/2 Cunarders in that day.  Arcadia was down for 5pm with QM2 6pm.  It was so cold and reminded me of Arcadia's arrival some six months earlier minus the rain and gales.  Arcadia left at 5.20pm and it was getting dark with the gloom so some lights were on.  For a moment I thought neither Arcadia or QM2 would blast as Arcadia approached but they did, with Arcadia putting on more lights as she passed us.
QM2 left on time and was fully lit even though the photos don't show how gloomy it had become by then so doesn't show the lights off too well.
All in all a good day despite the weather, though it had stopped raining by then, and my aching muscles from walking around Arcadia.  Click here for photos of the tour.
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© Patricia Dempsey 13th October 2005 & 19th May 2006
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