Queen Elizabeth 2 & Aurora
It was very cold down the marina on the 18th December 2005 but at least dry.  The QE2 was berthed in her usual home with Aurora in hers.
Both ships were due to sail at 5pm.  The QE2 left first as an arriving container ship was passing Aurora at the time.  We had a feeling she would when two tugs were attached by 4.50pm.  The funnel light went off and she gave no blasts on her whistle so the only time we had heard a peep out of the Grande Dame was at 4.15pm which took us by surprise and she never does that when we've been there.  The pictures were very hit and miss and these are the best.
The Aurora blasted around 5.15pm but you could hardly hear it where we were.  It was nice her funnel was still lit and we wished the QE2's was.

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© Patricia Dempsey 18th December 2005 & 18th May 2006
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