Sea Princess (II) & Golden Princess (II)
Having Sea Princess and Golden Princess in on the 20th August 2005 gave me the perfect excuse for my first marina trip since breaking my toe at the start of July.  As I had been there for Golden Princess's first UK summer cruise back in May I thought I may as well be there for her last of the season as she headed off back to the States.
Although both ships were down to sail at 5pm, I have a feeling Golden Princess was meant to go first but obviously there was some delay.  Sea Princess, which usually casts off on time, finally started moving at 5.35pm.  She blasted her horn before she started moving.  It was freezing cold for August and we were left with dark clouds while the sun went with Sea Princess!
Golden Princess cast off at 6pm and didn't blow her whistle at all which was surprising.  She put her lights on but as the sun decided to come back out again it was a bit pointless.

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