Oceana (II) & Queen Mary 2
The 26th June 2005 was a rare day that summer - it was sunny and warm!  Ideal weather to watch Oceana and QM2 sail.
Oceana was down to leave at 5pm with QM2 her usual hour later.  Oceana passed QM2 about twenty-five minutes later and there was such a racket when they greeted each other.  I get the feeling the Cunard brand think a bit of fun on the whistles beneath them.  Oceana did similar to when Arcadia had her maiden voyage two months earlier while QM2 responded with basic blasts.
When the QM2 sailed she took us by surprise.  Usually she comes out stern first before levelling up behind Hythe Knock.  This time she came out bow first, let rip and pushed off!  I'd used up my film so as not to get her in the same postition so was pretty hacked off but at least it meant she passed us sooner so we got home earlier.

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© Patricia Dempsey 26th June 2005 & 19th May 2006
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