Sea Princess (II) & Crystal Symphony
It was gorgeous weather on the 3rd September 2005 for a change.  Crystal Symphony was docked starboard in 38/9 while Sea Princess was in 106.  I had to laugh when some man kept telling his wife Crystal Symphony was Silver Whisper which had been in on the 29th August!  Crystal Symphony was the second ship in NYK's Crystal Cruises fleet, debuting in 1995 as a sister to Crystal Harmony, now Asuka II, and weighing the same at 51,044grt.
Sea Princess left on time at 5pm (Crystal Symphony was due to sail at 6pm).  Surprisingly she didn't blow her horn.  We thought she would as she passed Crystal Symphony out of courtesy as happens sometimes with different companies, but there wasn't a peep from either of them.
Crystal Symphony finally started moving at 6.25pm and headed towards the turning circle.  After she had turned and headed towards to Solent there was silence which was quite disappointing.

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© Patricia Dempsey 3rd September 2005 & 20th May 2006
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