Artemis Naming Sailing
The impending arrival of the former Royal Princess (I) from Bremerhaven was much delayed.  She was originally listed as arriving on the 13th June 2005, then the 14th but she finally docked around 3am on the 16th, which was the same day as her naming ceremony.  There was absolutely no mention of rain or mist in the weather forecast but that's what we got.  While Royal Princess's Godmother had been the late Diana, Princess of Wales, her new Godmother as Artemis was to be the British actress Prunella Scales.  But they have kept the royal connection as I understand Artemis is Greek for Diana.  She was meant to sail at 12.30pm to Cowes for the first UK naming at sea but was still being loaded up.  The rain stopped and the fog slowly began to lift.  We think she cast off around 1.10pm but it was difficult to see.  Her horn sounded three times which is the only way we knew anything was happening up that end.  As she got near us, escorted by a tug, the heavens opened again.
Then we went home to dry off after a long and very soggy morning.  For photos of her sailing for conversion as Royal Princess, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey 16th June 2005 & 18th May 2006
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