Arcadia (IV) Maiden Voyage & Oceana (II)
A lovely day on the 14th April 2005 and unlike for the arrival of Arcadia, it was packed for her maiden voyage so I'm glad we got there early and got a good place.  Arcadia was in 106 berth while Oceana was opposite us in 38/9 and had her flags out but took them down at 4pm.  Throughout the day, Oceana's webcam had been pointing at Arcadia.
Even though both ships were down to sail at 5pm, it was unsurprising when Arcadia cast off first, what with her being the new flagship of the P&O fleet and her maiden voyage.  She left slightly late with firetugs, although one was lagging quite far behind for a while.  There were fireworks as she approached Mayflower Park which was nice, albeit short and a bit stupid in the sun.  As Arcadia got closer to Oceana they greeted each other which was very funny.  It was like they were talking to each other and it made the crowd laugh.  And just when you thought they had finished, they would start again.  I did wonder if the passengers onboard Oceana got soaked by the water sprays as the front one passed, even more when the rear one stopped right by her.  If they did I'm sure most of them didn't mind.
Oceana left about ten minutes later giving two blasts and another as she approached Hythe pier.  I was disappointed the batteries in my camera ran out so I couldn't get any photos of her sailing.

For photos of
Arcadia's arrival click here.  And here are interior pictures from a tour in October 2005.

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