Vistafjord (III)
The wonderful 24,292grt ship debuted for the Norwegian America Line in 1974, younger sister to the slightly smaller Sagafjord which had been sailing nine years by then.  She was the very last cruise ship to be built at Swan Hunter on the Tyne.  In 1980 both ships were passed to Norwegian American Cruises, with NAL owning the majority shareholding.  Three years later they were inherited by Cunard after the then owners, Trafalgar House, bought Norwegian American Cruises.  Cunard retained their original names and livery apart from the funnels which were changed to Cunard colours.  Cunard was bought by Carnival Cruise Line in 1998 resulting in Vistafjord being renamed Caronia while there was no room in the fleet for her sister.  With the impending arrival of the Mega liner, Queen Mary 2, Caronia was subsequently sold to Saga and joined her sister, her final Cunard cruise in November 2004 and debuting on the 7th February 2005 in Southampton for Saga Cruises.

The following photo is of
Vistafjord sailing from her home port of Southampton in August 1988.
For more pictures of the former Vistafjord and Sagafjord, click here.  For captures of her as Caronia arriving as the second of four ships, click here.   

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