Canberra & Queen Elizabeth 2
My first major stalking on the 18th June 1988.  I had attempted the QE2 before but she didn't cooperate.  This time it was her and Canberra and both due to sail at 7pm.  Canberra was berthed in 106 with QE2 in QEII.  My dad decided we should go to Calshot rather than Hythe so we waited and waited.  In those days we didn't know how long it took to get down.  I found out later Canberra left first, passing her ladyship.  The following photos are a combination of our combined efforts with PraKtica SLR cameras, and were originally separated in Canberra Tribute and QE2 Tribute.  But, with the site revamp, I've decided to put them together as they should have been all along, with a couple of snaps in the original pages.  I hope you enjoy seeing these two classic Grande Dames of the seas.
Then it was Lizzie's turn to put in an appearance. She was fifteen minutes behind Canberra but it was such a gloriously warm evening we didn't mind waiting.
In the distance you could just about still see the Great White Whale passing Ryde as Lizzie headed towards the turn at Bramble Bank.  I wish I'd had a better camera back then but has been the ONLY SLR I've ever had or ever will have and quality was bloody awful.  
So that's the end of my first real stalking when something actually happened or photos were taken.  I wish I had more pictures the gorgeous Canberra.  You think they'll be around forever and then it's too late so these are better than none at all.  To read more about the Great White Whale, click here.  And for more on QE2, including crew area photos, click here.

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