Royal Yacht Britannia & THV Patricia (III)
Back on the 3rd August 1988 I had the chance to see the nowformer Royal yacht for the first time.  It was Cowes Week and Britannia was anchored with the Royals onboard.  My dad took us to Calshot on the 3rd August to see.
Two days later the Royals sailed up Southampton Water for what, if I remember correctly, was the final time they came via this method.
We went to Calshot for the sailing later that afternoon.  The Trinity House Vessel Patricia was leading the way, HMS Battleaxe bringing up the rear, as the Royal party were escorted towards the Solent.
Now Britannia is no longer sailing it was nice to have seen her that week.  THV Patricia is still an occasional visitor to Southampton and to see some more recent photos, click here.

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