The 16,214grt Belorussiya was built for the former Soviet Union owned Black Sea Shipping Company in 1975 as a cruise/car ferry and operated out of the Ukraine as one of four sister ships.  In 1993 she was chartered to Delphin Seereisen of Germany for 10 years, her name changed to Kazakhstan II.  The Black Sea Shipping Company collapsed in 1995 and the ship was bought by Lady Lou Shipping Company Limited of Cyprus.  She changed hands again 3 years later when Dolphin Maritime Limited of Malta bought her, changing her name to Delphin, her name to this day.  In November 2010, she was laid up in Venice (San Basilio) after the cruise line, Hansa Kreutzfahrten, went bust but resumed cruising from 2012 for Passat Kreutzfahrten.  On the 11th September 2005 she made a return visit to Southampton and click here for photos of her in Leixões in 2014.  The picture below was taken on the 6th July 1988.

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