P&O's 76,000grt Aurora debuted in Southampton on the 16th April 2000 from Bremerhaven.  A larger sister ship to Oriana (II), she has unfortunately been labelled a 'jinx ship' due to the champagne bottle failing to break at the naming ceremony.  Her maiden voyage was cut short a day into it when she developed engine trouble and she was forced to return home.  Her January 2005 world cruise was cancelled again after engine trouble after trying almost 3 weeks to get her repaired with 3 repair sea trials.  A refit was pencilled in anyway so after they cancelled the cruise on the 21st January, she sailed to Bremerhaven shortly afterwards for 10 weeks of repairs, including replacing the engines.  She returned to Southampton triumphantly covered in bunting as though she was brand new on the 20th April and continues to sail with no more major mishaps.  Her port of registry was changed to Hamilton, thus ending P&O's tradition of London, during her mini wet dock in Southampton between the 10th and 14th December 2007. The pictures below were taken the day after her arrival on the 17th April 2000.
For a video of Aurora's arrival and maiden voyage click here.

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