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The Ocean Liner Society had arranged a visit to Seven Seas Voyager in Southampton on the 3rd June 2012.  As with most cruise lines, Regent Seven Seas prefer to entertain journalists and travel agents as opposed to potential customers, it's very difficult to see their ships without paying a hefty fare.  For this visit there was a fee of £40, which is reasonable and in line with other cruise lines.  As Peter Godliman, who organises the visits, was disembarking the group cruise, I ended up being the group leader.  There would only be ten of us, despite twenty place.  Perhaps Regent wanting people to book cruises put the others off.  No one has to say you book immediately.  Took me five years to cruise on three I'd previously visited.  As I was in charge, i went earlier than usual.  As no buses started running until 9am, which would get me into town an hour later, and the ferry was 9.40am, I had to order a taxi.  The ship was berthed in 104, the Canary Islands fruit shed, which the port wants to build Terminal 5 on.  I wish they'd get a move on since their rendering had it opening in 2013!  

It was decorated quite nicely though with carpet on the floor, balloons and coloured lights while there was tea or coffee you could help yourself too for free.  I went to the check in desk and we decided to wait until all the group had arrived then we could be together.  As I had no list of who was joining us or anything, one of the Regent girls gave me a piece of paper and a pen so I could write Ocean Liner Society on it, then I stood holding it up.  One of the group had already checked in and put in Clare's group but once everyone arrived, he was added to ours with Sam.  I knew at least one person, Mark, who had been on a group group in 2007 and I'd last seen in 2008.  Ours was the last to board and going through the sole security scanner took an age!  We finally boarded via an old gangway almost ten minutes late, so now had fifty left before lunch at noon.  We began in the atrium, which was decorated for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.  On this deck we saw the Voyager Lounge, theatre and Connoisseur Club, which is the smoking room.  The casino was locked for some reason while a piano played automatically.  

Then up a deck to Five, entering in Coffee Connection, a nice little area you can help yourself to snack.  Reception and shore excursions are on this deck.  We walked through the boutiques and internet cafe, which also has an adjoining room for lessons.  Regent have several internet packages you can choose from, which differ from mainstream lines.  Further along was Prime 7 Restaurant, a speciality one which was like a cosy nook.  Horizon Lounge was at the stern, which had doors to the open deck for some air, as well as their other speciality restaurant, Signatures, to one side.  I really liked this room and the plates.  A bucket with single red roses was by the Maitre 'D's desk.  Horizon Lounge has the most comfortable seats I've ever sat in on a cruise ship and there's a small dance floor for anyone who fancies a late night dance to the musicians.  Another deck up to look at some cabins.  One thing I was extremely pleased to find were launderettes.  It beggars belief some cruise lines persist in building ships without them, especially when they base many ships in Europe and other places on longer runs.  

As the cabins were the same, you could pop your head into any without a crush of people.  Unfortunately, Sam lost some of us in the Seven Seas Suite (673).  It has a corner balcony and while some of us were looking, the rest of the group vanished.  We tried to find them to no avail on that deck and the next so decided to go to Deck 11 in case they were there.  As soon as we came out of the lift, one of the crew welcomed us on board, saying to help ourselves to lunch.  It was drizzling but David (who came down from Birkenhead) and I got a few deck photos.  Sue and her husband appeared and we decided to wait by the Compass Rose Restaurant back on Deck Four, since we had to meet there for lunch anyway.  A few others were with us, one lady on the phone to her husband demanding to know where he was.  Once the rest arrived, Sue asked Sam if she could see one of the suites we'd missed so I tagged along as Sam showed us a forward Master Suite (1100).  We didn't have much time for a proper look since boarding had commenced but it was huge with two bedrooms and two bathrooms.  Back to the restaurant for lunch, which was a set course and you could have wine too or a soft drink instead of or as well as water.  Lunch was a very relaxed affair, lasting two hours complete with petit fours before dessert was served.  We said goodbye to Sam, thanking her, then headed off the ship to hand in our passes and collect our passports after a wonderful visit to this magnificent ship.  If you want intimacy and cosiness, she's perfect.  If you want glitz, go elsewhere.

Many thanks to Peter Godliman from the Ocean Liner Society and everyone at Regent Seven Seas Cruises for their marvellous hospitality.

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