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An amazing thing happened on the 5th January 2011 - I got to set my size 8's on the hallowed decks of Saga Ruby!!!  She was one of six ships that day, and four cruise lines had granted Steve Read and myself passes for as media covering the event.  I was helping him by holding the camera and obeying orders.  Rubes was actually the penultimate we were doing but, due to weather, we failed to do anything for Queen Victoria at the QEII Terminal.  The following are the public rooms of Saga Ruby plus part of the Captain's quarters from when Steve interviewed him.  Sadly Steve passed away suddenly a month after we did this but to see photos of the entire day and other ships, click here.  My personal tribute to the great man can be found here.
Bridge Deck
Sun Deck
Promenade Deck
Veranda Deck
Main Deck
C Deck

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