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Saga's brand new ship, Spirit of Adventure was being named in Portsmouth on the 19th July 2021 by Commodore Inga J. Kennedy CBE, VR, QHNS, QARNNS.  Six days earlier, I had received an invitation to attend from Nick Stace, CEO Travel.  As part of the media visit, a tour was conducted by Nigel Blanks.  I wasn't invited as a journalist/blogger/vlogger but had been asked if I wanted to be added to it.

My Saga transport arrived before 9am and we headed towards Portsmouth.  Traffic was good and the driver very friendly.  After the lateral flow test, it was on the bus to the ship and on.  Due to timings, the tour was a pretty whistle stop tour so we saw most of the ship.  Beginning with the Drawing Room midships, the decor is noticeably brighter than her sister, Spirit of Discovery.  I liked it.  The whole area looked brighter.  We headed towards the Dining Room.  Unlike her sister, this one has an enclosed ceiling.  Forward to the hairdressers and spa, which I never have any interest in so waited outside.  Up one deck and straight to the Playhouse theatre.  They have added handrails on either side after many complaints her sister was missing them.  A quick pop outside for some air and mask removal before returning inside to see The Supper Club, a cabaret bar and restaurant.  Either side of this aft are Amalfi, the Italian restaurant and Khukuri House, the first Nepalese one at sea.  The other side of The Supper Club going forward are Saga World (future cruises and photos) plus the North Cape Bar.

Deck E is where you can find the library, card room and cabins.  During our tour the craft tables were covered in work computers which Nigel said would be removed before the first cruise.  Cabins on B Deck were next.  There is also a launderette on this deck, which was closed.  Unfortunately, as time was against us, we were pretty rushed so no real opportunity to see the three cabins properly. And, despite now visiting both ships, I still haven't seen a solo cabin.  The Lido Deck was the final stop, quickly seeing the Britannia Lounge, Lido and The Grill (buffet).  Then it was back to Main Deck before going outside for the naming ceremony.

Lunch was at 2pm for those who were staying.  We were allocated seats rather than just sit anywhere so I was on table 2 with the Dean of Portsmouth, a journalist and Nigel.  The food was unbelievable.  It was the first time after a visit, even to a Saga ship, I had been full!  Even the Dean started to take photos of it.

Then it was time to leave.  I have to say, I do prefer Spirit of Adventure to her sister.  The seats were a vast improvement and while some call the decor clinical, it I like it.  Both ships have their pros and cons but thankfully we're all individuals who like different things.  One day I'll be able to afford to sail both for the full experience.

Many thanks to everyone at Saga and especially Nigel Blanks.  It was an absolute honour to be there.  To read about the naming of Spirit of Adventure, click here.

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