Golden Princess (II), Dawn Princess (II) & Vision of the Seas in Mazatlan
This review is written by Patricia Dempsey with photos from Patricia Dempsey and Amy Blume.

On the 26th March 2008 Vision of the Seas arrived in Mazatlan with Golden Princess and Dawn Princess.  Golden Princess is always first, followed by Dawn and finally Vision.  This day Golden was already in the port but we and Dawn were kept out due to fog.

Dawn was originally due for 8am and us half an hour later.  Finally around 7.30am as the fog was lifting, Dawn moved forward towards the port entrance with us trudging slowly behind until we got our pilot.
As Dawn turned to dock, we got our pilot and inched our way towards the pair of them.  It was such a shame there was a ship in front of Golden ruining what would have been a perfect shot.
While Amy stayed forward to get Golden as we docked, I went aft for Dawn, thus giving us different angles of the ships as we turned before moving slowly into the side.
After a shore excursion, we returned and got off the shuttle at Golden Princess so we could take photos of the ships as we strolled down the dockside.  Golden's security guard thought we were from her and warned us not to go too far forward.  We told him we wouldn't and were just photographing the ship.
As we walked to the stern of Golden, we noticed the ropes were slack and some rat deterrents hanging loose or broken.
With Golden due to leave at 5pm as usual, a tug approached her port bow.  We wouldn't be going until 6.30pm, an hour later due to the delayed arrival.  Dawn also normally sails at 5pm but we had no idea when she would.
We returned to the cabin to await Dawn's departure.  As soon as Amy opened the door we saw she was already halfway out so ran to the balcony.  The crew had a giant hand like Sea Princess only weren't as much fun with it.  As Dawn straightened and began to pass us, she blasted to which we replied.
We followed Dawn to Puerto Vallarta where she was anchored due to technical problems rather than docked like we were.  To see photos of us both in Cabo San Lucas, click here.  To read a review of our cruise on Vision of the Seas, click here.  In August 2009 Dawn Princess called into Southampton as part of her maiden world cruise from Sydney.  She then had the addition of the Movies Under The Stars screen on her funnel.  To see photos of her as she is now, click here.

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© Patricia Dempsey & Amy Blume 26th March 2008
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12th September 2009