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I was surprised to learn I had won a place in the World Of Cruising competition to visit MSC Preziosa, to take place on the 16th May 2016.  MSC Preziosa is the newest ship until MSC Seaside enters service in 2017.  Passes are emailed to you, which you have to cut out and take with you.  Our point of contact was Natalie Billington, the Public Relations Manager.  We had to be at City Terminal for 11.30am and were the last group to board around noon.  Once aboard, we went to the Safari Lounge on Rubino Deck for a presentation from UK & Ireland MD Antonio Paradiso.  Antonio told us all about the plans for when MSC Magnifica is based in Southampton during 2018.  The ship will cater towards the British market, including kettles in the cabins and entertainment such as comedians.  The onboard pricing will be in pounds.  He also said they were preparing for Brexit and working with the government to train 12 British cadets. Lunch followed until 2pm when we were split into two groups for our tour around most of the ship.  Unfortunately, as it was so quick, we weren't told anything about the rooms or products.  We missed the Yacht Club completely, which was disappointing.  Back to the Safari Lounge for coffee at 3pm then disembarked.

Many thanks to everyone at World of Cruising and MSC Cruises for making this visit possible.

Acquamarina Deck (16)
Cristallo Deck (15)
Smeraldo Deck (14)
Rubino Deck (7)
Diamante Deck (6)
Corallo Deck (5)

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