Hamburg Cruise Days 2017
MSC Preziosa finally arrived early evening to be part of the event.  Her itinerary had been changed from an overnight in Hamburg to docking at 11.59pm due to AIDAprima being in her berth.  By the time she appeared, it had finally stopped raining.
The main event with fireworks was in the city centre but I wasn't physically well enough to be among all the crowds standing for hours so we waited near the hotel.  Despite there being seven ships for Hamburg Cruise Days, only four were in the parade.  Silver Wind and MSC Preziosa weren't sailing until the following day while Mein Schiff 3 had to withdraw at the last moment when a rope became caught around a propeller.  She left before 6am the next morning.  The museum ship, Cap San Diego, tootled past before returning to the city centre.  AIDAprima led the way followed by Norwegian Jade, Europa 2 and Europa.  Only Europa 2 blew her horn as she passed.


© Patricia Dempsey 8th & 9th September 2017
Not to be reproduced without permission