P&O Cruises Grand Event - 3rd July 2012
After boarding and some lunch, we wandered the deck a little and I loved seeing Aurora behind us.  I like others but she's my favourite ship currently in service so I was delighted she was so close.  Time for a couple of photos while it stopped raining.
And so it was time for the big procession once Princess Anne had left.  As I was on Oriana, it was up to my dad to take photos and he was on the Blue Line Cruises boat, Jurassic Scene.  Because of the event being unique, Blue Funnel had hired extra boats to meet demand.  Things kicked off at 5.15pm with Adonia going to the Upper Swinging Ground but rather annoyingly, our muster was scheduled for 5.45pm.  Aurora's was only a few minutes before ours so was it really due to the VIPs aboard, as a security guard had told us?  We caught HMS Dragon moving off but missed THV Patricia.
We returned to the Promenade Deck to find Adonia had turned and Ventura was already away from her berth.  The others would follow one by one culminating in splitting into formation and passing HRH the Princess Royal, who was onboard THV Patricia in the Solent along with Ian McNaught, in his new Trinity House role, Micky Arison, CEO of Carnival Corporation and various dignitaries.  HMS Dragon was also there.  The Red Arrows were cancelled due to weather.  The following photos are a mix of my dad's from the boat (which stopped by Calshot making it hard for him to get any of the procession in the Solent so he didn't try) and mine from Oriana, including crooked since we both had to take some around various obstructions and he was on a bouncy old vessel.


© Kevin Dempsey & Patricia Dempsey 3rd July 2012
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