Vision of the Seas, Lisboa, Porto, Funchal & Oriana (II) in Lisbon
On the 28th October 2013, I flew to Lisbon to join Vision of the Seas, fresh from her month long refit in Cadiz.  The UK was in the middle of a storm, resulting in 20% of flights cancelled before 11am and thankfully mine wasn't one.  As we arrived at the Terminal da Rocha, I spotted Lisboa in dry dock and was pleased she was getting some love.  I had last seen her in June and she looked so sad.  It was just a hull inspection mainly but other work was ongoing.  I was meeting Óscar Moura of Portuscale Cruises to visit Funchal (photos of which are linked at the bottom), stopping briefly en route to have a quick look at Porto, which was docked near Oriana.  Then it was time to go to my ship and her new ducktail was pretty obvious from the side.
Our 6pm departure was delayed half an hour as we waited for passengers so Oriana slipped out before the hour, giving a few blasts as she did.  The rain had thankfully long ended and the city ended the day with a wonderfully beautiful sunset.
To read the review of my Vision cruise, click here.  To see more photos of Funchal, click here while Lisboa, Porto and Funchal from June 2013 can be found here.

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