Vision of the Seas & Astor (II) in Le Havre
A small reunion in Le Havre on the 20th September 2012 when Vision of the Seas re-met Astor, last together three days earlier in Bremerhaven.  I hadn't been able to get Astor arriving then due to waiting for my tour and she sailed four hours after us so this was a little bonus.  But first, I woke up about 2.45am, stupidly checked Marine Traffic on my phone and saw we were passing her so I threw some clothes on and went to the Prom deck.  It was a shame she was so far away!
We were both due for 7am but when I woke up at 6am, we were already alongside!  The AIS wasn't working on Marine Traffic so had no idea where our company was.  I did see a bright white blob but wasn't sure if it was in the dark. but as I was talking to a Canadian who's a pilot at Halifax port, she drew closer.
Dock photos after lunch, since Astor was sailing at 1.30pm, so not much time.  Despite the sun, it was a little chilly.
Astor began singling up shortly after time and smoothly, silently moved forward once the last were being wound in.  It wasn't until she reached the breakwater, the loud vibrating vessel blew her whistle, which was in response the the port boat.
The review of my Vision cruise can be found here.  To see the photos of Vision and Astor, in Bremerhaven, click here.
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