Seven Seas Voyager, Jewel of the Seas & Ocean Majesty in Tallinn
The Estonian city of Tallinn on the 12th July 2009 was the penultimate call on the Jewel of the Seas cruise.  We had arrived for 7am and we were expecting Seven Seas Voyager for 9am.  Ocean Majesty would also be there but no idea when.  I saw Seven Seas Voyager in the early morning haze about 7.45am.
I went forward to await her coming around Jewel only she didn't appear so went back the way I came.  No sign.  She couldn't have sunk surely!  I crossed the deck to port and she was completing a turn. Bugger!  Can't believe I missed that.  Then she backed into the neighbouring berth so fast she was gaining on me!  The stalked doing the stalking isn't right somehow.
We headed into the city after the crew had finished their lifeboat drill.  My then partner, Patrick Patton, told me he'd seen Ocean Majesty docked with the ferries during the drill.  When we hit the dockside I dawdled, holding an increasingly impatient Patrick up, as I did my ship nut duty and took as many photos of the ships from as many angles as I could think of!
After battling the lethal cobbles of Tallinn and just about surviving falling on our faces, we made our way back to Jewel since our sailing was 4pm.  I noticed Seven Seas Voyager was being painted.
Once we'd had a late lunch in the Windjammer, Patrick helped me onto the deck so I could talk as many close up shots of Seven Seas Voyager as I could.  After the cobbles didn't get me, the flat road did as we were near the port and I'd twisted my ankle
I went down to the helipad for sailaway while Patrick went to fetch my cardigan since it would be cold once we left.  There were a couple of other people out there.
As we were pulling out, one of Seven Seas Voyager's passengers yelled from the dockside, "See you in Saint Petersburg!"  At least now we knew where they were headed.
So it was adieu to Ocean Majesty and Seven Seas Voyager until they called into Southampton a few days apart the following September.  To read the review of my Jewel of the Seas cruise, click here.
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© Patricia Dempsey 12th July 2009
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