Crystal Serenity & Queen Mary 2 in Olden
A new Norwegian port for me on the 16th July 2013 when we arrived in Olden.  Traditionally a P&O port, this year my favourite and Cunard regular, Flåm was replaced by this.  When we looked out, we saw Crystal Serenity steaming as we docked, before she went astern to drop anchor.  I just love the Crystal ships so was pleased to have something pretty to look at from the balcony.  Serenity is my dad's favourite but he was disappointed she couldn't be seen from Mary's webcam.
Despite the on/off rain showers, we went for some photos and a bit of exploring.  Due to my back and knee, I couldn't do half as much as I wanted or clamber about like Rob did, so after getting her bow shot, I headed to the other end to get her bum, leaving Rob to it.  It's a lovely place if you're just a tourist but crap for photos if you're a ship nut.  How I really longed to be in Flåm!
Serenity upped anchor and left ten minutes ahead of the 6pm schedule.  We started to watch her from the balcony then went to the observation deck as she disappeared in the misty rain.  Due to us being delayed nearly half an hour while they managed to cast the ropes, eventually requiring us to push the bow into the side to slacken them, Serenity ended up miles ahead.
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