Mein Schiff, Celebrity Constellation, Silver Spirit, Seabourn Legend & Sovereign in Barcelona

And so after a brilliant week-long cruise for fun and stalking, it was time to return to Barcelona on the 16th October 2010.  I went on deck at 4.45am, since we were due to dock at 6am, and it was freezing with a lot of wind.  We were almost an hour early.  Mein Schiff was already in, having arrived the evening before.  I was delighted to be able to get two ships built for Celebrity together.  We would also be joined by Silver Spirit, due for 7am, Seabourn Legend half an hour later with Sovereign making up the numbers at 8am.

After returning to my cabin for an hour, I went to get breakfast and took it outside so I could get Silver Spirit arriving.  The food went as cold as I was and just as fast as she approached.  Seabourn Legend was in the distance, heading towards the same entrance.  BBC said it had been 10C that night but with the wind it felt so much colder.  I had a jumper and cardigan on yet was still shivering.
After Silver Spirit was almost in, I went back up to Deck 11 for Seabourn Legend.  I could see Sovereign in the distance.  This was the first Seabourn ship I had seen, although we were due a couple of calls during 2011 by Seabourn Soujourn.  The 9,961grt Seabourn Legend began life for Kloster Cruise in 1992 as Royal Viking Queen.  For her final year she was renamed Queen Odyssey and transferred to Royal Cruise Line.  In 1996 she was sold to Seabourn and given her current name..
Due to the time of disembarking, I couldn't see Sovereign dock so instead went to the theatre to wait.  We ended up being kicked off twenty minutes early but I managed to get some photos as I left and en route to the airport.  It was funny seeing the main part of Barcelona's cruise terminals being an RCCL zone with Mein Schiff, Sovereign and Constellation all waiting for their passengers of one form or another.
And so that was that.  So many photos to sort when I got home but all those ships worth freezing and being blown about for.  Quite funny I got as many new ships (to me) as I got total on Equinox in 2009 and that was at the height of the season!  Autumn may have been cold in the Med for my trip but by golly it offered a lot of ships!  The review of the cruise can be found here.
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