MSC Lirica in Salerno

The final port before returning to Barcelona on my Constellation cruise.  Instead of Naples, we got Salerno!  I had noticed twice before my cruise, the ship went to Naples.  It was stupid really considering it said "Naples (Salerno)" on the itinerary while no excursions went to Naples.  It was all Amalfi Coast, ruins of Pompeii and Herculaneaum.  So we had just one ship, MSC Lirica, who would be sailing at 1pm while we went at 7pm.  It was finally a gentle breeze and hot!  Two days before the end of the cruise and it gets nice.  Typical!  I went on deck and boiled waiting for Lirica to go.  She finally did fifty minutes late, not even parping to signify going backwards, after a ferry took priority.  By this time it had cooled again.

Because of more flipping rain, I fled to the Promenade Deck to get a few more shots.  It wasn't ideal but at least drier than the night before!
We sailed at 7pm and headed back to Barcelona, where were arrived on the 16th.  To see photos of our maritime company, click here.  The review of my Constellation cruise is here.
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