MSC Fantasia, Sovereign, Saga Sapphire, Oriana (II), Azamara Quest, Seven Seas Explorer & Queen Victoria in Barcelona
Joining Queen Victoria in Barcelona on the 4th November 2017 for the final leg of her repositioning back to Southampton, it was ship nut heaven with six other ships.  Oriana was in front of us in Terminal D and listed to sail at 6pm, with MSC Fantasia ahead of her.  I had last seen the MSC in Southampton but her departure time would be when I was busy so easily missed this time.  Sovereign was in Terminal B and scheduled to sail at 8pm according to the port site.  Sapphy was in Terminal A, another 6pm sailing.  On the other side of the bridge were the other two.  Europa, also 6pm and Seven Sea Explorer at 7pm.  I was on deck for the main departures and surprised to see Sovereign was long gone.  I'm guessing it was during muster, which we did even though we were staying overnight.  Sapphy left first out of the remaining ships, blasting her horn around ten minutes early.  We'd see her again in Southampton on the 13th.  Oriana swiftly followed silently.  She'd also be in Southampton but we'd meet her again first in Gibraltar.  By the time Azamara Quest sailed, there was a thunderstorm but without the thunder or rain.  The lightning show was spectacular, a mixture of sheet and fork which came over us as well.  Seven Seas Explorer went on time and as it began to rain, I went in.
Photos of ships in Barcelona the following day are here, Oriana in Gibraltar is here while Saga Sapphire & Oriana reunited with us in Southampton are here.  The review of my Queen Victoria cruise can be found here.
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© Patricia Dempsey 4th November 2017
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