Queen Victoria & Queen Elizabeth (II) in Hamburg
The only call on my QE cruise was Hamburg on the 8th January, where we would meet QV then sail home together.  It would have been my mum's 70th birthday so I was glad of the distraction.  We were both due for 7am so up we got and found there'd been snow during the night and the crew were clearing it from the partially covered games deck.  Vicky was ahead of us, docking at the main berth at Hafen City while we went turned before being pulled astern to Altana.  After breakfast we went to meet my friend Dirk Steffen who had booked us on a harbour tour.  Before that we had to get a ferry to where you get the other boat from. It was freezing cold with snow, ice and slush (even ice in the water) but we had a fun day.  That night, we were supposed to sail first but they changed it to Vicky.  The passengers on Vicky had also been told on the Daily Programme of a 8.45pm firework display whereas we hadn't until departure.  The fireworks were almost fifteen minutes late.  Vicky gave a blast on her horn and they began and we had a blast once we'd passed and assumed they finished but one more went off.  It was fantastic then onwards to Southampton!
To see photos of them both with QM2 back in Southampton two days later, click here while the review of my cruise on Queen Elizabeth is here.

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