Queen Mary 2 & Grand Princess in Vigo

On the 8th November 2011, we arrived in Vigo on the final port of my Queen Mary 2 cruise.  It was a gorgeous day and we would be joined for 10am by Grand Princess, who left Southampton four days earlier and was heading back to Fort Lauderdale for the winter.

The only time I had been to Vigo before had been on Celebrity Equinox, which had berthed where Mary was.  Aurora had docked at another berth, which I thought the Princess would too, then realised she was going behind us so hotfooted it up two decks and towards the stern.  There I saw Captain Oprey and his wife watching them arrive, probably hoping the Princess's dolphin gob didn't kiss our fat bum.
Later I went on the dock to get photos and it was windy and raining!  I blame the Princess since she did the same thing at home!!!!  Why change the habit of four summer seasons????  Clearly being decapitated six months earlier did nothing for her manners.  Lots of Americans coming off Raindance Princess were going, "It's the Queen Mary!" so I told them we were going at 4pm if they wanted some better photos.  Another couple had sailed to the UK three weeks earlier on her while a mother and son preferred Princess to Cunard.
Later, I braved the rain on deck since friends on Facebook had missed me on the Princess webcam in the morning.  Our stern was still taped off so I was a good girl - until I saw a male crew member duck under, take some photos and say he did eight years on that ship before disappearing into the dry.  Killed my back but it was worth it for the Smash alien close up!
We were late sailing, due to a medical evacuation, which turned out to involve my table companions.  Then we were off, blasting to the Princess as we went.  She was due to sail at 5pm and the weather hadn't improved much.  I bet it dried up after she buggered off!
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