AIDAsol & Queen Elizabeth (II) in Amsterdam
An early start in a sunny but chilly Amsterdam on the 1st May 2011.  AIDAsol, which had arrived the day before, was sailing at a ridiculous 7am so I got up at the crack of yawn to get her.  She needed two tugs, but I don't know if that was normal or because of our presence in front.
I didn't wait to see her disappear nor go forward because the deck was like a paddling pool thanks to over-enthusiastic hosing and I was freezing.  Back to bed before her replacement in the form of Queen Elizabeth, who was due at 1pm.  We waited and waited, had lunch as soon as the Windjammer opened at noon, waited and waited. Checking Twitter, Port Terminal Amsterdam had tweeted it was now 1.30pm then added another hour.  At least it was dry and hot, despite the wind.  Just before 1.40pm, Faith spotted a moving building with Cunard funnel in the distance.  The deck rapidly went from just us to packed as the Cunarder slowly moved closer.  I think they wanted a little bump as they edged her in.
We sailed at nearly 5.30pm and I went stern to take more photos of the Cunarder from the opposite angle.  There weren't so many around this time, but then the risk of her getting a dent to match her sister was remote.
To see photos of AIDAsol from the following day, click here.  The review of my cruise can be found here.
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