Norwegian Getaway & Rotterdam (V) in Rotterdam
My friend Fay and I were in Rotterdam to board the brand new Norwegian Getaway on the 13th January 2013, but first the ship had to return from the usual two night European media and travel agent preview.  Scheduled to dock for 6am, she was an hour early meaning we had to go into the wind and cold at 4am.  At least the daylight photos were at a more sensible hour as we headed to the terminal, despite it still being bitterly cold.
As we sailed, the sun was setting and we backed down the Maas, passing the old Rotterdam as we headed to the turning circle.  Disappointingly, she didn't blow her whistle at us.  Whether it was normal now, I had no idea, but she had when I'd sailed to Southampton in 2010 on Norwegian Epic.
To see photos of Norwegian Getaway arriving in Southampton, click here while those ailing to New York are here.  Pictures of all her public rooms and some cabins are here.  The review of my cruise can be found here.

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