MSC Musica, Queen Mary 2 & Thomson Spirit in Bergen
The final call on my Mary Fjords cruise was Bergen on the 18th July 2013, and the weather was just as revoltingly wet and windy as the rest of the cruise.  I've had rain in Norway before but never ever this bad.  It appears they have what the UK had during 2012.  Only a couple of ships were in with us.  Thomson Spirit we'd passed the night before.  She (and Mein Schiff 1) had been to Geiranger when we had been diverted for some stupid reason to Ålesund, and arrived an hour after us in Bergen.  MSC Musica was there before us and due to sail at 1pm.  Finally a new ship on my European travels!  The 92,409grt ship debuted in 2006 as the first in a new class.  She left slightly early but no horn battle between us and them as she moved astern.
We were due to sail at the ridiculous P&O favoured time of 3pm but were half an hour late due to missing passengers.  When we went on deck, it wasn't raining and you could see the top of Spirit behind the trees.  The Hurtigruten ship, Nordlys, had arrived sometime after Musica left.  Once we began moving, the heavens opened, almost hiding her in the murk.
To see photos of Thomson Spirit and Mein Schiff 1 at sea the night before, click here.  The review of my Mary cruise can be found here.

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