MSC Opera & Ocean Majesty in the Gulf of Finland
En route from on Jewel of the Seas from Helsinki to St Petersburg on the 9th July 2009, my then partnet, Patrick Patton, alerted me from his piano in the Hollywood Odyssey to a ship passing outside.  I didn't have time to go on deck so got the best photos I could from the window.  It turned out to the the 59,000grt MSC Opera, another new ship to me, and made her debut in 2004 and was doing cruises from Dover/Amsterdam.
Patrick finished work at 12.30am and after relaxing a little, he spotted something out the window as we were leaving the bar so went on deck.  It was Ocean Majesty, which had left Helsinki about an hour before us.  We were passing since we were due to arrive in St Petersburg at 7am with her an hour later.  It was freezing cold and very windy so I'm surprised my photos came out well at all!
I was doing well with Ocean Majesty that trip and after St Petersburg she'd reappear in Tallinn before her usual (and final for Page & Moy) September calls to Southampton.  To read the review of my cruise, click here.
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