Crystal Serenity, Celebrity Constellation, Le Diamant, Ocean Princess (II), Norwegian Jade & Thomson Destiny in Livorno

Yet more strong winds and cold weather on the Celebrity Constellation cruise as we approached Livorno on the 12th October 2010.  I ended up resting the camera on the handrail, not realising they're curved, resulting in some crooked photos.  But I decided to leave them as they are.  There were due to be several with us this day.  While we were scheduled to arrive at 7am and not knowing whereabouts we'd dock, Crystal Serenity led the way even though she was meant to arrive an hour after us.  Up our square bum were Le Diamant, Ocean Princess (both for 7am), Norwegian Jade and Thomson Destiny (both 8am).  Grand Holiday was supposed to join us but apparently went to Porto Torres instead so I would hopefully see her in Civitavecchia the following day.  I had previously seen Ocean Princess in Amsterdam in May 2009 as Tahitian Princess so it was nice getting her with the new name.  We docked near the entrance as I'd hoped so it made a good spot for the ships apart from the damn cranes!

I had an excursion around the canals of Livorno and managed to get some extra shots of most of the ships.  It was a shame Serenity was hard to see behind the cranes at the other end.
As I was taking photos of the Crystal, I noticed we were moving.  Only the Crystal was down for sailing at 9pm.  The rest and we were 7pm and we were heading off to Civitavecchia five minutes early and the first to leave.
Several hours later, we were passed by Thomson Destiny.  To see a photo of her, click here.  To carry on to Morning Rush Hour in Civitavecchia, click here.  The review of my Constellation cruise is here.
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