Ocean Majesty & Jewel of the Seas in Helsinki
Third port on my Jewel of the Seas cruise was Helsinki on the 9th July 2009.  The weather was so so and as we photographed Ocean Majesty unusually berthed with the ferries it rained slightly for a while. My then partner, Patrick Patton, worked a season on her so had fond memories and was pleased to learn she would be with us in St. Petersburg and Tallinn.
We caught the shuttle back since it was a bit of a trek and our feet were still knackered from Copenhagen and I took a few shots of Jewel in dock.
As we had a snack in the Windjammer, Patrick noticed something sailing past the window opposite.  It was Ocean Majesty.  She was supposed to leave at 4pm and this was fifty minutes later.  I grabbed my bag and shot onto deck 12.  It was extremely windy, making it difficult to hold the camera steady, so I'm very pleased with the results as she headed into the open sea.
I went back in.  We left late ourselves, also probably due to the weather.  We were to come across Ocean Majesty later that night en route to St Petersburg which was a nice little bonus.  To read the review of my cruise, click here.
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