Princess Daphne, Celebrity Constellation, Le Diamant, Sovereign, Seven Seas Voyager & Europa (VI) in Civitavecchia

It was blowing a gale and wouldn't get up past 14C along the Cote d'Azur as we approached on Celebrity Constellation on the 11th October 2010.  We were due to drop anchor in Villefranche at 10am with Sovereign arriving an hour later.  But there were also some ships along the coast so rather than do several separate pages, I thought I'd put them altogether.  First of all we had the delightful Princess Daphne already docked in Nice.  Due to the wind it was incredible difficult trying to get any photos.

After getting breakfast in the Seaside Cafe, I took the tray to the outside seating area to await Sovereign and had a little surprise.  Le Diamant was sailing towards Nice!  I had checked calls before leaving and she wasn't on it so a bonus!  Sovereign was in the haze coming in our direction.
I had an afternoon excursion to Monaco and Monte Carlo so made my way down to the tender.  Being first on, I was able to get on the top and a prime position.  Along the way we stopped at a viewing point overlooking the bay for photos of our gorgeous ship and Sovereign.  Well that's what I took.  No idea about anyone else!
There were meant to be three ships in Monte Carlo - Europa, Oceana and Noordam.  Well I saw just Europa, safely docked in the port.  I know Noordam was around because we passed passengers on excursions but there was no sign of the P&O.  Whether she was hidden from view like Noordam or didn't turn up at all, I have no idea.  It was a shame.  I have never seen a HAL Vista and had looked forward to it.  Meanwhile from the coach I spotted another bonus - Seven Seas Voyager was at sea.  I got a picture then managed to catch her again from Monaco.  I found out later she was en route to Marseilles due to pod problems in Greece the week before then off to Genoa for repairs.  After Monaco, we went to Monte Carlo and during the ninety minutes free time (which was far too long), I went for a wander and got closer to Europa, fighting the wind for photos.
Then we returned to the ship, dusk just beginning so the ships had a few lights on.  It was still very windy and cold so thank goodness for the shelter of the bay!
With us due to sail at 8pm with Sovereign an hour later, I went on deck and caught Princess Daphne sailing in the distance.  The weather hadn't changed at all but at least it wasn't raining!  We turned and blasted but Sovereign didn't reply which was a shame.
That was the last we saw of Sovereign until returning to Barcelona on the 16th October.  The next port of call was Genova and for photos of the ships with us there, click here.  The review of my cruise is here.
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