Norwegian Epic, Liberty of the Seas, Seven Seas Voyager, Grand Holiday & Costa Atlantica in Naples

Napoli on the 13th October 2011, where we were the first to arrive for 7am.  Liberty of the Seas was still with us, the last of the three ports she would be, while Seven Seas Voyager was behind her, heading for the nearby port of Sorrento.  As Liberty was docking, Grand Holiday, our other multi-port stalker, was coming nearer, earlier than her 10am scheduled time.

Costa Atlantica was due for 1pm, by which time it was boiling hot!  Last time I'd seen her she'd been diverted to Southampton when Dover was closed due to bad weather a month before and these were definitely better conditions.
5pm and Grand Holiday was leaving us.  As she passed Liberty, she gave three blasts.  After a long pause, Liberty responded.
We, Liberty and the Costa were due to sail at 7pm.  Liberty left first, silently slipping from the berth.  To my surprise, the Costa then moved, leaving us to follow twenty-five minutes late.
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